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Foam Party Guru has been creating memories with Foam Parties and Inflatables for over 20 years now. We know we can make your parties great fun.

There is only one Foam Party Guru, often imitated but never duplicated. Great rates, great service and always on time.

All packages include delivery setup and pickup. Let us do the work and save your time for planning your event.

We have experience working with universities, family get-togethers, park regions, weddings, bat mitzvahs, secondary schools, corporate occasions, expos, celebrations, fairs, picnics, patio parties, chapels, occasion parties, country clubs, center schools, and primary schools.

Edmonton foam parties, Beaumont foam parties, Leduc foam parties, Sherwood Park foam parties. Been there and done that.

Foam Party Service


These are our basic packages for Foam Party rentals. If you have any other requirements of if you will like to purchase any of these packages please get in touch with us today! All our packages include delivery, setup and pickup. Let us do the work and save your time and hassel.

Basic Foam Party

Inflatable Rental Service

Tons of fun and at an affordable price for a foam party. Delivery, Setup and Pick up Always Included. Package Includes:

1 Foam Machine
1 Foam Machine Stand
2 Foam Packets
Delivery/Return Included

Extra Day $99

Optional Items

Add Extra Foam Packets $40/ea

Kids Foam Pit Party Package

Foam Party rentals

Take your kids’ foam party up a notch with this great lightweight foam pit for even more fun. Delivery, Setup and Pick up Always Included. Includes:

1 Lightweight Foam Pit
1 Foam Machine
1 Foam Machine Stand
3 Foam Packets
Delivery/Return Included

Extra Day $149

Optional Items

Add Extra Foam Packets $40/ea

Foam Party Cannon Package

shutterstock_1010607883-1024x759 (1)

Watch the kids lose their minds when the Foam Guru of them all, shoots the  foam into the air upwards of 12-15 ft much to the joy of the kids. Delivery, Setup and Pick up Always Included. Includes:

1 Large Foam Cannon
3 Foam Packets

No Pit Required

Delivery/Return Included

 Extra Day $149

Optional Items

Add Extra Foam Packets $40/ea

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Foam Party Guru


Our bubble solution is a Made-in -Canada product that is hypoallergenic, safe on skin and eyes and is biodegradable.
When our employees show up to set up they will need access to a water supply and one power outlet. We will provide extension cords and a GFCI for safety.
Yes in most cases the participants do get wet, after all bubbles are made with water and air.
Absolutely, foam parties are the new rave. Its super fun for all ages.
It takes our staff about 15 mins to set up and pickup. Possibly an extra 5 mins or so if you have a foam pit.
Please fill out our booking request form with your details and we will get back to you with a confirmation within 1 business day.
Ask us about Waterslides, Bounce Houses, Dunk Tanks and Laser Tag!
Adding on to the fun is easy!!! 

It’s new, and it’s epic fun! foam Parties are generally the fury at occasions and resorts around the planet and now accessible in Edmonton and the region. You can host your own special foam get-together right on your patio! It’s the best new gathering thought to go along in quite a while and appropriate for all ages. Our excessively simple to utilize foam machines put out many cushy air pockets in just minutes. The foam bubbles are non-harmful and biodegradable, so you can be confident that our foam parties are simply acceptable, clean fun! Foam Party bubbles are amazing to play in and refreshingly cool on a blistering summer day.

Why not host a foam gathering? It’s getting harder to find unique and fun ways to celebrate special occasions.  We believe that Foam Parties are the appropriate response. Our foam party bundles are easy to enjoy and appreciated by all ages. Our foam machines and foam pits are lightweight and easy to set up.


All you need is an outside area around 20′ x 20′, one power plug for the foaming machine, a second plug for the foam pit if you picked that extra, and a water supply. We take care of the rest.

You may re-schedule your event, due to weather, up to the morning of the event. Once we have left our location, your eligibility to re-schedule will no longer be available. We will require payment in full. If you have re-scheduled, your deposit will be credited towards your next rental. Be advised that we leave as early as 5:30 am. We always tries to watch the weather and contact you prior to your event. However, it is still your responsibility to re-schedule if you feel it is necessary. We have the right not to set up in any place or situation we feel is unsafe for use.

Delivery times vary, and we can usually be flexible to meet your needs. We will deliver and setup the inflatable at least 30 minutes prior to your start time (you don’t pay for setup time). We usually arrive to setup your items between 7:30am and 2:00pm. If your party is at 11:30am we will be sure to arrive by 11:00 am to accommodate your party. 

Yes, because party equipment is rented on a first come first reserved basis; we require a $25 deposit to reserve your foam party. Special arrangements may be made in certain situations, ask for details.
Deposits can be made by e-mail transfer, paypal, or credit card. The balance of the payment will be due at the performance. We accept cash or credit card.
You’ll receive confirmation emails leading up to the show for optimal event organization!
We clean and sanitize each of our units after every rental or when we set them up. As we clean them, we also do a thorough safety check so that each customer gets their equipment in pristine, safe condition. Our delivery guy will be masked and practice social distancing.

Yes; we are insured by a $1,000,000 general liability policy!